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Uh, yeah. You definitely need back-up. Whether you’ve written a page or ten thousand words. Whether you are a writer, a lawyer, or a mommy. I slave over every word. My high-schoolers agonize over every paper and project. And computer flubs happen. I’ve lost stuff. Major stuff. Luckily, I’d backed-up on a flash drive.

Are you saving pictures on your computer? Letters? Journals? Thoughts? Don’t take the chance. BACK it UP!

Here’s my quick and dirty tip–that I stole from Someone Much Smarter Than Me, Thomas Umstattd, in his social media for dummies seminar at last fall’s writer’s conference.

Don’t have off-site back-up yet? Have I stressed you out? Quick fix:

Email yourself all your current documents and store them in a file.

Easy. And it works. A few nights ago, two of my polished chapters disappeared. If you are asking, don’t you save to a memory stick? Yes, yes, I do. But I saved the deleted file! After a few moments of panic, I realized I’d taken Thomas’ advice and emailed my WIP (work in progress) to myself the week before!

Sometimes life does work out.

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